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Nebulizer AUXO NE M01

Nebulizer AUXO NE M01



Mesh Nebulizer Kit

ARTG 372914


The direction of use:

1. Install the batteries in the nebulizer (please read the instruction manual that comes in the package)

2. Remove the medication cup; please clean and disinfect it before use.

3. Open the cup lid, put 3ml of the 98 Alive Respiratory Health liquid into the medication cup.

4. Turn on the power: Press the "ON/OFF" button for more than 1 second, the power indicator (green) will turn on, and the device will start atomizing.

5. Inhalation: Hold the device in hand, put on the mask, slowly inhale the medication mist.

6. If the medication cup is not loaded with any medication or if the medication liquid is finished, the device will automatically shut down. 

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