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Product Claims


98 Alive expressly prohibits Wholesaler from making therapeutic or medical claims about 98alive™ products. 98 Alive provides approved literature for the sale and representation of its products. Any recommendation of product use other than the usage recommended by 98 Alive is prohibited. The Australian Department of Health and Ageing and its international counterparts have developed regulations that prohibit mentioning diseases or ailments in the promotion of nutritional supplements. These regulations apply even if the claims are true, and include inferences or implications of cure or treatment as well as explicit statements. They apply to direct statements as well as personal stories/experiences since these imply a curative use of 98alive™ products. Federal law allows official abstracts of scientific journal articles, an article, a chapter in a book, or other publication to be used in the sale of dietary supplements as third-party literature, provided that these materials:
•    Are printed in their entirety
•    Are not false or misleading
•    Do not promote a specific brand or manufacturer
•    Are presented with other materials to create a balanced view of the scientific information,
•    and
•    Are physically separate from the products being sold

Personal Stories/Experiences


Personal stories/experiences must be the WHOLESALERs own and must expressly avoid any claims of cure, treatment, or prescription. They must not include a list of ailments, body systems, or diseases in any way.

What You May Say about 98alive™ Products

  • 98alive™ has been developed by our Managing Director, Professor Max Reynolds and has been subject to considerable scientific study by researchers throughout the world

  • 98alive™ is a natural product extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant native to the northern coast of Australia

  • The germicidal & anti-inflammatory properties of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant have been known by the Australian Aborigines who have used it to treat wounds and other illnesses for millennia

  • In the 1920’s, the Technology Museum in Sydney, led by Dr Penfold, embraced research into the essential oil of native plants & herbs. In the course of their investigations, Dr Penfold and his colleagues devoted much of their time studying Melaleuca Alternifolia properties. This led to the commercialization of the plant for its essential oil in the 1930’s.

  • When WWII began, every Australian soldier had a bottle of Melaleuca Alternifolia oil in his pack for treatment of infections.

  • Prior to introducing 98alive™, Professor Max Reynolds and our team spent over a decade researching and testing the product

  • 98alive™ is licensed for sale as a Listed medicine by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

  • 98alive™ is a globally patented medicine exclusive to 98 Alive Pty Ltd

  • 98alive™ contains a unique combination of 98 natural active compounds extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant that may act in unison with one another to offer an array of benefits never before encountered in a single product 98alive™ is laboratory proven to strengthen the immune system (based on tests at Griffith University Medical Centre conducted by Professor Steve Ralph). Research shows that 98alive™ significantly increases the number of CD4 (helper cells) and CD8 (killer cells) which are known to promote the activities of the immune system by up to 5 times. 98alive™ helps the body fight infections and is known to combat *viruses, *bacteria, *fungus, and *mould.

  • 98alive™ is very rich in antioxidants – scoring one of the highest ORAC scores (globally standardized antioxidant measurement for determining a product antioxidant level).

  • 98alive™ contains *14 times more antioxidant than fish oil and 5 times more antioxidant than krill oil (ORAC Tests performed by Brunswick Laboratories, USA)

  • Blocking effect: It is the uncontrolled rapid spread of bacteria and/or viruses and their effects that cause most of the human sickness. It has been laboratory proven that a number of bacteria and viruses are inhibited (blocked) from multiplying by 98alive™. The ability of 98alive™ to block certain bacteria & viruses from multiplying may help the body recover from the effects of these bacteria and not overload the immune system so it can cope better - reducing recovery time.

  • 98alive™ may help in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being

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