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copy of 98Alive Pain Relief Oil  100ml

copy of 98Alive Pain Relief Oil 100ml


98Alive Pain Relief Oil (For external use only)

Volume :  100 mls

Batch:  RM-PR-ST-WSP-2024

Expiry:  01/2026



Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Essential Oil  5%

Developed by Professor M Reynolds


For temporary relief of pain associated with acute soft tissue damage including:

-soft tissue damage

- Sprains

- Strains & sports injuries

- Tendon strains

- Most arthritic aches


   Other benefits:

- Can also be used on damaged skin for minor cuts and abrasions.

- Helps healing when applied to sunburnt and damaged skin

- It also has local anaesthetic properties and may alleviate pain associated with minor abrasions, stings, insect bites. 


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