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98 Alive Defender Kit

98 Alive Defender Kit


The Defender Kit  (save $25)


The kit focuses on forging the most-likely avenues where the first contact with viruses and bacteria happens: the throat. At the same time, it stimulates the overall body defense network to work effectively against any infiltrations into our wellness system.


The kit contains the following products;


98 Alive Immune Support Capsules

Quantity/Volume: 60 Capsules

Expiry date: 01/27

AUST L 364707


98 Alive Throat Spray

Quantity/volume: 15ml

Batch number: RM-TS-24

Expiry date: 04/27

 AUST L 369451



Please contact your health care professional or +617 3209 8945 if the product needs to be administered to anyone younger than twelve.

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