Nebulizer Starter Pack

Nebulizer Starter Pack


This is a package deal for 98 Alive Respiratory Health Liquid users.

The package contains the following;

1 x Mesh Nebulizer

1 x 100ml bottle of 98 Alive Respiratory Health Liquid


Product Details

Mesh Nebulizer

Product Origin: China

Product Code: NE-OJ01


The product comes with:

1 x Mini nebulizer

1 x USB cable

1 x Adult mask

1 x Childern mask

2 x Connections

1 x User manual

How to use:

  1. Turn the medicine container lid anticlockwise to open it, and fill the medicine container with 98 Alive Respiratory Health solution. Do not overfill. The maximum recommended fill amount is 25ml. Then tighten the medicine container lid. 
  2. Attach the mask to the nebulizer according to your need. Please be advised that there are two sizes of masks included in the package: the big one is for adults, and the smaller one is for children.
  3. Choose the atomization modes: strong, medium, and slow by pressing the ON/OFF button. The 5ml solution should last 15 minutes in the strong release, 20 minutes by medium mode, and 30 minutes for slow release. 
  4. To start the device, use the ON/OFF button. Once the machine started, the green light should show, which indicates it is working correctly.
  5. The nebulizer will automatically be turned off after 20 minutes; if you wish to continue using it, please press the ON/OFF button to reactivate the device again.
  6. Please read manual for cleaning and maintenance.


98 Alive Respiratory Health Liquid

Volume: 100ml

How to use:

  1. Place 3 mls of the solution into the nebulizer.
  2. Use the system as many times as required.

Batch Number: 9478

Expiry date: February 2024